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We Love Coffee

Ground Zero Coffee - Great coffee is what keeps us up at night. If you're hoping to congratulate us on this witty web presence, or just have a comment or two about your caffeine-driven experiences with our products or info, you may drop us an e-line. Or, e-drop us a line. Anyway, we're here, we'd love do do a brain-dump about what we know about coffee, how much we love coffee, or whatever else is on our minds at the time of receipt of your email.

Some may say we're way out there. Perhaps it's just the superatomic way we look at our coffee (using special 3-D glasses?), or maybe it's just the blast we get when we hear from from our fellow coffee lovers.

If you'd like to contact us, just put this address into your secret decoder ring: info at ground zero coffee dot com .


WYGIWYG - What you grind is what you get.

- Prof. Uriah Wiseacre 

Note: excellent classic, historical coffee videos are in the works.

HOURS/LOCATION: Looking for the hours for a coffee house in your area? Want to apply for a job, perform your music, or display your artwork in a cafe'? Want to give out an award for "the best little coffee house in (Your Town Name Here)"?

We're not those guys. Seriously. We're a coffee information and recipe website, and lots of other fine caffeinated and decaffeinated things.

Please check with your local listings for the cafe' in your area where you'd like to walk in and have a cup 'o' joe, get hired as a barista, or play your tunes live for all those java-loving patrons.


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